The Sixth Christmas

The Sixth Christmas

A timey-wimey holiday short read perfect for a chilly night in…

Jack doesn’t exactly hate Christmas. It’s just that the holidays are a minefield of memories and mixed feelings, and he’s better off working late than celebrating.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Jack experiences a freak accident — the catalyst for a mysterious journey that sends him thirty years into his own past. As his history unwraps itself, Jack is propelled through his most pivotal Christmas Eves — reliving lost love, family dysfunction and personal secrets, this time as a bystander in his own life.

At this holiday crossroads, Jack’s past is repeating and his future is in jeopardy, forcing him to finally confront the many past versions of himself — and maybe even the meaning of Christmas.

What Readers Are Saying

“The perfect holiday read for people who want to cozy up with a heartwarming Christmas story but can’t stomach yet another Hallmark-style romance.”

“A fast read, with gorgeous prose, best read by dim lighting on a Christmas Eve.”

“Like something out of the best Sci-Fi TV Shows of the 1980’s it feels like the start of a fantastic treasury of time-travel morality tales.”

“The Sixth Christmas has become a new Holiday favorite favorite of mine […] a new Christmas tradition!”