Greetings, Traveler.

Your head and your heart know what it means to wander. You’re a dreamer and a seeker, a detective and explorer. You know that imagination is more than escapism, and that fiction is a quest for truth. So here’s to diving into your next new world–and to discovering your own voice along the way. 

We are all wired for once upon a time. 

From cave paintings to the motion picture and beyond, the way we tell stories is ever-changing. But the things we tell stories about–mystery, redemption, adventure, love–stay the same.

The Fable Company is an entertainment production company and small press. We believe in cinematic, character-driven stories that spark imagination and ignite the spirit. So welcome to our imagination–and the infinite realms to discover this side of the rabbit hole.

Enter the Fableverse

Aboard a private tour boat in deep space, a woman faces dangerous odds to free a poached starwhale—and dares to find hope again herself.

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