Our Story

The Fable Company is an entertainment production company and small press. 

From mystery and intrigue across the whimsical and sprawling Celestial Isles to hardscrabble survival stories set against the rugged and redemptive Martian Frontier, ours are cinematic genre stories that resonate honestly with humanity and hope.

You could say that The Fable Company started as just another story in my head.

I was born in ’92. Entertainment growing up was hand-me-down paperbacks, duping your favorite TV shows onto VHS tape (at least then you could fast-forward through the commercials!), and a whole lot of using your imagination.

I was an avid reader, and fell in love with movies and TV from an early age. One of my earliest memories is pretending that I ran a TV station that aired all my other imaginary stories as programs on its airwaves.

Little did anyone know, that dream would be more than make believe.

By my teen years, I was a nerdy theater kid already head over heels with showbiz. My first job was working in a theme park, where I operated a roller coaster, fixed parade floats, and helped Scooby-Doo put on his head.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked in film production as a writer/producer and editor. In 2015 I co-produced a feature-length musical, and in 2018 I published my debut novel, The Electrical Menagerie.

The Fable Company was founded as an entertainment brand in 2023, representing over a decade of my experience in media and entertainmentand a big imagination that wouldn’t die.

Mollie E. Reeder, Executive Producer

Our Business Model

We serve our audience by giving voice to untold stories.

Unbeholden to the studio system, we have the independence to create and invest in unique, diverse stories and to establish original intellectual properties. 

The space we carve for stories also carves a space for storytellers – uplifting fresh voices and restoring creative freedom & integrity for more fulfilling, creative careers.

We maintain our creative integrity and independence by leveraging and innovating digital technology, new media models, and evolving distribution strategies, all of which let us connect directly to highly curated audiences.

Our Values

We believe the entertainment industry has perpetuated a culture of rampant abuse for too long–and we believe in a different way. We believe in safe sets and respectful environments. We believe in collaboration and discipleship. We believe in the Golden Rule. We believe in empowering female voices. We believe in nurturing young talent. We believe in expanding casting opportunities for people of color, beginning with racially diverse stories and scripts. We believe in launching new creators. 

Our mission as human beings is ultimately to establish and affirm the hope of repentance and redemption freely offered to all people through our God, Jesus Christ, and we believe that there are as many God-inspired stories to be told as there are unique people in His image.