Arbrook Huxley & the Miraculous Confection

Arbrook Huxley, producer of the Electrical Menagerie, has a secret.

Throughout Huxley’s boyhood misadventures at St. Albion’s Academy for Boys, Marion Merriweather stuck to him like a shadow. But now Marion has fallen deathly ill, and a grave letter summons Huxley to his bedside to say goodbye.

There’s just one problem: an unsolved mystery looms over them, and Huxley has been keeping a terrible secret from Marion. A secret which makes saying goodbye in good conscience rather impossible. A confess-to-your-friend-in-a-coma kind of secret. A secret which will force Huxley to plumb the depths of friendship, betrayal, and the most potent motive of all… chocolate.

This humorous, heartfelt short story can be enjoyed before or after reading The Electrical Menagerie, although it does contain some extremely minor spoilers.

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